Proxy options

Proxy options HTTP proxy type Type of the proxy server that will be used for HTTP connections. HTTP proxy address/Port Address and port of the proxy server that will be used for HTTP connections. HTTP proxy requires authorization HTTP proxy server requires authorization. HTTP proxy user name/password User name and password for HTTP proxy server. […]

Main window

The main window of the program is divided in two parts. In the left part you can see the scan list. The right part shows the status and progress for the selected scan. You can create a new scan by selecting the New command from the Scan menu. Enter the scan name and start URL […]

Link Checker options

Link checker options Ignore the following domains The list of domain names that will be ignored. See Wildcard matching for wildcard format. Ignore the following bookmarks The list of bookmarks that will be ignored. See Wildcard matching for wildcard format. Do not check external links Normally, all links that lead from the current site to […]


Installing 1) Download the latest version of the software of your choice from our web site; 2) Run the installation program. The installer will guide you through the installation process; 3) After installation, the program will initially execute with the default settings. Updating If you want to upgrade the installed version of our software, download […]

HTTPS SSL Certificate and Private key

Certificate file The file should contain SSL Certificate and Private key in pem format. The pem file should look like this: —–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—– OmutTanx1rkczvfrkKOpGEdqTrJEP0bT5B3Lzw8IDq8Je8B8AzUwmtKTKY7cFK7Q AhW9BGToO7wDlFUbRh5EnK5CLkJa0cQWLua3ibfum4mBe8itIPZnRQlM4elVtPeG HE7bsWg62pS9x59U1WPkeBwQygpYgo4znpW7slslAgTTYON5FeYWTFu9SuRrSncx —–END RSA PRIVATE KEY—– —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—– wXO5hfuNcwsK4rqGhMIWJGRtKW7uJwzi58nSGZKZw6QhjL2OZORWQoq S7z6po4Loa3YZXcW5DMKZXiaV37TXAMiQNYnBQEsrSq4FCOGCatoEoP5ZN2vfeCf 7CaeRaSokm8ecNwShlUoaQxAhlz1sAJRvcnJcyPRsnG6vBXWOGvPyZwyiuTJXcDh —–END CERTIFICATE—– Key password Password for the SSL Private key. Leave this field blank if password is not […]

HTTP Error Codes and their descriptions

100-199 Informational 100 Continue – The client can continue its request. 101 Switching Protocols – The server has complied with the client’s request to switch protocols. 200-299 Success: indicates that a client’s request arrived and was accepted 200 OK – The request was successful. 201 Created – The request was successful and a new resource […]

HTML Checker options

HTML checker options The tab-stop size The tab-stop size, for computing positions in source code that uses tabs.

General options

Start options Name The name of the scan. Start URL The address of the site to check. It can consist of a protocol name, a domain name and a link to the resource. For example, “”. In this example, the program will check all pages on “” starting from “example.html”. Another example is “”. In […]

Crawler options

Crawler options Use robots.txt and “nofollow” directives Select this option to let the program ignore links on pages forbidden to be indexed by robots in the robots.txt file. This option also ignores links with “nofollow” directives from Robots META Tag, X-Robots-Tag HTTP header and link rel attributes. Only check the first URL This option allows […]

Common user-agent types

Every time you go to a website, you send what is called a User Agent string. Every browser has one. Most of them start with the word “Mozilla”. Mozilla has always been the nickname for the browser made by Netscape. (And now, we have a browser called Netscape and a different browser called Mozilla, both […]