Automated link checking

Recently, we have discussed the importance of link checking activities and how they may improve the overall user's and search engine bot's experience. Link checking can cost time even when we are equipped with an automated software. Sometimes, we are just not there to perform the task and it's absolutely normal. Is there a chance to perform them completely "hands-free"? The answer is - yes.

Automated link checking

WebTweakTools offers completely hands-free operations. They can be performed upon an user-specified schedule. Developers have made these steps simple to the core like that the entire process of setting up a scheduled scan for potentially present broken links take a little amount of time. Everything works like a charm thanks to so-called "Console Tool" which is a standalone platform residing directly on web server.

Website Link Checker's features and options have been duplicated and integrated in the Console Tool. This means that user doesn't need to learn all bunch of new options because everything works the exact same way like in the parent program.

Console Tool allows users to plan a detailed scan of their entire website, it's sub pages or specified internal and external directories. It also generates precise reports available in many file formats. Reports can be saved in a concrete directory on server or sent directly to user's email box. Everything performed completely hands-free and according to the earlier planned schedule. Scans can be performed in a form of routine.

Less bandwidth and server resources usage

Console Tool built in our link checker software not only saves time but also bandwidth and server's resources. All this thanks to the fact that it doesn't require any graphic processing as all operations are being done in a command line scheme. It's a huge benefit for webmasters using less powerful hosting plans.


You don't need to be a slave of random problems occurring here and there. WebTweakTools lets you focus on your primary objectives while taking care of all the tedious work.

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