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WebTweakTools.com is a company committed to bringing you the best in software utilities. We are developing the high quality software for home and commercial users. On this site you will find information about our software products, all of which are available for trial download. We also have a secure online shop from which you can directly purchase any of our products using any major credit/debit card.

Affiliate & Resellers

Want to be our reseller or online affiliate?

You are welcome to join our online affiliate program. If you want to distribute (sell) our products offline, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Online affiliate program

Affiliates FAQ:

  • How does it work?
  • How do I get started?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • How often do I get paid?
  • Can I join using a free email account?
  • I've just signed up. Now what?
  • Can I advertise your product through email?
  • Can anyone join?

How does it work?

If a visitor to your site clicks the link that takes them to our site, we use a cookie to anonymously "mark" them. If they make a purchase within 60 days of clicking that link, you get 30% of that sale.

How do I get started?

CLICK HERE to sign up now for our affiliate program! Once signed up you will have the power to market any products with specific product links - which will allow you to be paid your commission for all sales from your link! If customers see our products on your site, then download and purchase at the our site - you still get your commission!

How much will it cost me?

There are no setup charges or signup fees. In other words, it costs you nothing.

How often do I get paid?

Payment details are contained in the standard contract, which can be shown by clicking the contract link on the affiliate signup form. Please be sure to read this contract before signing up for the program.

Can I join using a free email account?

Sorry, but for security reasons you can't use a free email address when signing up. These would be email addresses from services such as yahoo.com, mail.com, etc.

I've just signed up.Now what?

Login to your affiliate control panel, and click "Product Finder", use "Name Search" to find the keyword

"12343-1" (Fast Link Checker)
"12343-5" (Fast HTML Checker)
"12343-6" (Fast Spell Checker)
"12343-7" (Fast Site Inspector)
"12343-8" (WebTweakTools Bundle)
"12343-9" (WebTweakTools Console)

then click "Join Now!".

Can I advertise your product through email?

If you have a mailing list which people have signed up for, please feel free to market our products through it. However, like most people, we do not tolerate spam. If an affiliate uses unsolicited email to advertise our products, their membership will be canceled immediately and their payment will be halted.

Can anyone join?

Well, almost anyone can join. If you run a site that promotes cracks, hacks, warez or other illegal activity, you won't be accepted into our program for obvious reasons.

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