Website Spell Checker – Getting started

Installation and Extensions

Download the latest version of the software from our web site, then double-click the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your installation.

When the program starts, we recommend downloading all extensions that suits your fancy. To install extensions, click the "Retrieve the list" button to retrieve the list of available extensions. Select required extension from the list and click the "Install extension" button to download and install the extension. Repeat the last step for all extensions that you want to install.

Spell Checker Extensions on Windows Spell Checker Extensions on Mac

You can also install additional dictionaries for spell checker. Dictionaries are installed in the same manner as extensions.

Spell Checker Dictionaries on Windows Spell Checker Dictionaries on Mac

Setting up website options

Click the "New" button to create a new scan. It is enough to enter "Name" and "Start URL" to run a scan with default settings.

General tab on Windows General tab on Mac

On the "Spell Checker" tab you can enable extensions that you want to use in this particular scan.

Spell Checker tab on Windows Spell Checker tab on Mac

Checking website for misspelled words

Once the scan is created, you can start it by clicking the "Start" button. You can use the "Pause" button to pause the scan and "Start" button to resume. When the scan has some data, the "Options" button is disabled, and it will be disabled unless you click the "Restart/Reset content" button. However, the "Clone" button is enabled in the paused or finished state, you can click it to view scan options. Also, it is safe to resume the scan if it has paused accidentally in such circumstances as power outages.

Viewing spell checker results

Click the "View" button to view results. Broken links are shown in light red and pages with misspelled words in dark red. You can sort or filter by the "Misspelled word" column for pages that have misspelled words. You can click the "Misspelled words" button to view those words.

Spell Checker on Windows Spell Checker on Mac

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