You can view scanning results in a separate viewer window which shows all the information that was collected during the scanning process.

To view scanning results, select View from the Scan menu, and specify the parameters you need in the report.

The view window consists of two panes: left pane shows the table with web site pages and their information, and right pane shows additional information for the selected page.

When a line on the right pane is selected, one or two buttons appear on the right side on the line.

  • You can click the Copy button to copy selected item to the clipboard.
  • You can click the View button to view more information on the item selected.

The table uses the following color schema to highlight pages by their status:

Link Checker
Green - OK
Light red - Broken link
Red - The page has broken links
Yellow - The page has warnings
Olive - The page has notices
HTML Checker
Green - OK
Red - The page has markup errors
Spell Checker
Green - OK
Red - The page has bad words
Site Inspector
Green - OK

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